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Vodafone IoT Vodafone Cooler Control With Vodafone Cooler Control  you can be certain about the quality of the products you offer to your.. Product #: V0002

Vodafone Cooler Control

Vodafone Cooler Control

Brand: Vodafone IoT
Product Code: V0002
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With Vodafone Cooler Control  you can be certain about the quality of the products you offer to your customers since you are always informed, every second, no matter where you are, about the condition and opperation of your coolers/freezers.You no longer need to worry about a sudden temperature modification, whether there was a blackout or if someone left the door open; you always know! 

With Vodafone Cooler Control:

  • Be directly informed of every fridge's location in case there is a loss of robbery 
  • Have a clear view for every fridge's temperature, whether its on power, door status (open/cloded and duration)
  • Guarantee your product's quality
  • You dont have to buy hardware or software from different suppliers 
  • You have a Global SIM for world coverage.


 Internet of Things Cooler Control 

(VAT included)


 Programme  Cooler Control Basic  Cooler Control Advanced
 Fixed with device subsidy  12,10€  15,12€
 With discount instead of device subsidy  8,59€  11,04€



 Device CC-12 (includes 1 temperature sensor)  64€              


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