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Vodafone IoT Smart Coffee Machines Smart Coffe Machines service is ideal for companies that produce coffee and proffesionals since it p.. Product #: V0001

Smart Coffee Machines

Smart Coffee Machines

Brand: Vodafone IoT
Product Code: V0001
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Smart Coffe Machines service is ideal for companies that produce coffee and proffesionals since it provides them with the oppoturnity to manage and monitor their coffee machines no matter their location or number. With Smart Coffe Machines, businesses can receive valuable information related to the location, the consumption of water, coffee, electricity or the opperational status of each machine.

With Vodafone Smart Coffee Machines:

  • In case there are calls for damages to the machines, you can confirm it through the app and avoid pointless visits to the customer, reducing your costs 
  • You can now monitor whether the client uses the machines correctly and communicate with them if they dont
  • You can know the location and movement of your machines and track them 
  • You can assure the high standards of your coffe quality to increase customer satisfaction
  • In cese of disfunction all the errors can be programmed and solved at once

Βραβεία Υπηρεσίας

Gold βραβείο για την ΙοΤ υπηρεσία Vodafone Smart Coffee Machines στα Business IT Excellence Awards 2019”, an important institution that rewards annualy the innovative solutions that creates value in the segment "Specialized Applications in business fields" 

“Best Business IoT Service for the Coffee Industry” award in “Coffee Business Awards 2019”.


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