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SAP AG SAP Cloud IoT Platform Connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to SAP Cloud Platform to provide scalable ingestion of sens.. Product #: S.10010 Regular price: €20.00 €20.00

SAP Cloud IoT Platform

SAP Cloud IoT Platform

Brand: SAP AG
Product Code: S.10010
Price: Per user per month


With the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things service, you can use a broad variety of IoT services and protocols to manage the device lifecycle from onboarding to decommissioning.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Adaptive offering with smart logic placement
  • Agnostic coverage of IoT communication protocols
  • Live insights for business optimization

Internet of Things API Service Provide:

  • Choose from a wide variety of APIs to mange: Devices, Gateways, Sensors, Users, Protocols
  • The interactive API documentation describes all properties in detail and allows you to test your API.
  • Start creating your own virtual devices and things extending them with Custom Properties
  • Develop your IoT Applications through ready to use data sources
  • Send commands to the devices and gateways managed

Price for 1 user per month.


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