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Smart Shop με IoT, SAP B1 and SAP Cloud Platform

Intelligent Shop is a prototype that uses the power of SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Business One on HANA, IoT (beacons) and Big data in order to create personalize offers to customers real time.

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Smart Coffee Machines

Smart Coffe Machines service is ideal for companies that produce coffee and proffesionals since it provides them with the oppoturnity to manage and monitor their coffee machines no matter their location or number. With Smart Coffe Machines, businesses can receive valuable information related to the location, the consumption of water, coffee, electricity or the opperational status of each machine.


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Vodafone Cooler Control

With Vodafone Cooler Control  you can be certain about the quality of the products you offer to your customers since you are always informed, every second, no matter where you are, about the condition and opperation of your coolers/freezers.You no longer need to worry about a sudden temperature modification, whether there was a blackout or if someone left the door open; you always know! 


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SAP Cloud IoT Platform

Connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to SAP Cloud Platform to provide scalable ingestion of sensor data as well as IoT device management and connectivity.


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