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Nwave Nwave Smart Parking Sensor- Flush Mount Nwave's Smart Parking Flush Mount Sensors are the best est-in-class wireless vehicle detection senso.. Product #: NWV001

Nwave Smart Parking Sensor- Flush Mount

Nwave Smart Parking Sensor- Flush Mount

Brand: Nwave
Product Code: NWV001
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Nwave's Smart Parking Sensors are the best est-in-class wireless vehicle detection sensors to streamline parking asset management.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Efficienfy: Nwave’s smart parking sensor technology is affordable, with clients reporting positive ROI within 3 months after deployment. The system requires basically no maintenance costs.
  • High Accuracy: Advanced filtering and noise reduction techniques allow differentiating parking events from electromagnetic interference or false events such as an underground train passing.
  • Easy Installation: Each vehicle detection sensor takes only 30 seconds to affix, with no extra wires or other street furniture required. The network is easily connected to Nwave’s cloud-based app or end-user software of choice.
  • Long Life: Nwave sensors boast especial ruggedness, high load and damage resistance, an unbeatably high battery life of up to 10 years, with no need for service until the battery change is required. These features lead to quick parking detection.

The sensor is available in two models – Flush-Mount and Surface-Mount. In both cases it is enclosed in an IP-68 waterproof, UV-stabilized and solvent-resistant glass-filled polycarbonate case. It features an exceptionally long communication range of up to 10 miles line of sight (LoS), and low power consumption with batteries lasting up to a decade.


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 Weight                               418 grams (14.7oz)
 Load resistance   >1400kg (3,086 lbs) per wheel
 Battery life  up to 10 years


01 Planning

Together with the customer and/or partner, Nwave assesses the existing parking inventory and estimates the amount of sensors necessary.

02 Design

We discuss specific requirements and desired functionality of the system and design the IoT parking sensor infrastructure.

03 Implement

The Nwave wireless sensors are affixed to the surface and then connect wirelessly to an Nwave managed Base Station up to 10 miles away (LoS).

04 Intergrate 

Based on the client’s choice, the solution is either operated via a dedicated cloud app or integrated with third-party software.


car parking occupancy monitoring system


The wireless vehicle sensors installed in each parking spot generate data on space occupancy in real time. This data is available both to operators and parkers, via digital signage or mobile applications, providing opportunities for easy way-finding, mobile-enabled payments and also enhanced policies, thanks to robust data analytics.