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AIM2 AIM2 Vision Control & Safety Clothing Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the equipment that protects employees from health or safety r.. Product #: S.10005

AIM2 Vision Control & Safety Clothing

AIM2 Vision Control & Safety Clothing

Brand: AIM2
Product Code: S.10005
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Our AI-based solution monitors the safety of employees in real time, providing timely alerts and periodical reports on possible safety violations and hazardous situations like people taking off mandatory PPE, or getting too close to restricted areas.

With normal RGB cameras and just using Intel CPUs, ranging from the very low to the very high end, we can provide you with a groundbreaking tool to improve the safety of the whole workplace.

AIM2’s solution consists of setting up intelligent cams at fixed or mobile points in the environment that you want to monitor. These cams observe the context and are able to extract particular insights from the video analysis.


  • continuously does a video analysis on the Edge and verifies in real-time if the employee is wearing safety clothing, during all the time he’s working.
  • authorises or denies access to a restricted area of the industry on the basis of a safety clothing visual check.
  • allows or not the use of machinery following a safety clothing visual check.


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