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Infosys Ltd. Energy Utilities 360 for SAP Analytics Cloud Gain a 360 Degree Understanding of Your Utilities Customers.. Product #: S.10011

Energy Utilities 360 for SAP Analytics Cloud

Energy Utilities 360 for SAP Analytics Cloud

Brand: Infosys Ltd.
Product Code: S.10011
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For any utility company it is important to gain a 360 degree understanding of customers to improve energy efficiency, offer optimal rates, avoid billing issues etc., it will also help predict customer behavior, perform customer segmentation, forecast usage.  Infosys built SAC content for Utility 360 includes Portfolio 360 for account managers of commercial & Industrial (C&I) customer and insightful story boards for energy efficiency.

Integrated view of customer profile, contracts associated with the account, usage overview, billing history, payments, interaction records.



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