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Vodafone IoT Vodafone Fleet Control With IoT Fleet Control  you can manage efficiently your company's vehicles, programme effectively th.. Product #: V003

Vodafone Fleet Control

Vodafone Fleet Control

Brand: Vodafone IoT
Product Code: V003
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With IoT Fleet Control  you can manage efficiently your company's vehicles, programme effectively their routes and offer better quality services to your customers. This way, you can ensure more flexibility and efficiency , while having tcomplete control over your vehicles. 

With IoT Fleet Control:

  • Know the routes of your vehicles  and modify them to make them "smarter", faster and more efficient
  • Υou can monitor your vehicles and goods
  • You can track data like speed, opening and closing doors 
  • The service is available worldwide


(VAT included)

 Programme   Fleet Control Βasic  Fleet Control Advanced
Monthly fixed fee with device subsidy 17,14€   25,20€ 
 With discount instead of device subsidy 12€   20,16€



 Device FM2 55,80€ 
Device FM4 80,60€ 
Device FM-MOTO 62,00€


Programme for worldwide use


 Package   IoTR1
 Fee   10,08€/10MB/Μήνα
  Countries  Albania, Λευκορωσία, Montenegro, Croatia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland,Τurkey,Ukraine
Cost for the countries after the usage of the free MBs  1,01€/MB


Costs for worlwide use after the usage of the free MBs

 ΖΩΝΗ 1 - European Union  free Roaming
 ΖΩΝΗ 2 - Europe – Outside Ε.Ε   0,062€/MB
 ΖΩΝΗ 3 - Albania, Bosnia, Κοsovo, Montenegro, Serbia)    0,85€/MB
 ΖΩΝΗ 4 - Rest of the world  4,03€/MB


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